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Events and Workshops

Workshops Perks

Each one of our workshops is equipped with free food for atendees, a drawing for a $100.00 scholarship and resources to help you make the most of your money and financial plans! *Only currently enrolled UNM students, are elibile to receive Scholarship awards.* Although the material is targeted for UNM students, any person may attend a workshop. Students will be given priority if attendance is limited.

Workshop Dates

Wednesday September 5th (Living on Budget in Albuquerque)

  • In this workshop, students will learn how to make the most of their money while living in the City

Tuesday, October 16th (Managing Credit)

  • What is credit? How can you manage your credit? How can you build it?  Leave this workshop with answers to prepare you for your future.

Wednesday, November 7th (Get Financial [P]aid)

  • Are you hoping to apply for financial Aid? Come to this workshop to learn about the FAFSA, scholarships and how to get Financial [P] aid? 
Wednesday, November 28th (TBA)
  • This creative workshop will help students with gift prep and thrifty planning around the holidays.